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1st Phuket BEER MILE at Boundary Bar @ The ACG, Phuket – Saturday 30th September 2017
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1st Phuket BEER MILE

Dear Athletes,
Congratulations! Your form in either drinking or running or both has not gone unnoticed this year and your results so far this season have qualified you for a place in the forthcoming 1st Phuket BEER MILE on Saturday 30 September. Don’t worry – it’s natural to be both nervous and excited! Here are some FAQ’s to ease your way in…
Let’s start with the basics – what is a beer mile?
Quite simple really – drink 4 measures of beer and run a quarter mile after each one in the fastest possible time.
Really? Can that actually be done?
Prepare to be impressed -

Surely running and drinking is not a great combination – what happens if you vomit?
Running and drinking are better bedfellows than you might imagine – veteran beer milers report a developing sense of enormous well-being as the event progresses. Vomiting does happen but it’s rarer than you think. It does however carry the penalty of an extra lap.
Are there any other rules?
Beers are meant to be 355ml from a bottle or can to be official, but for this first event we will be using standard Singha 335ml glasses (plastic). Beer must be at least 5% ABV and no assistance is allowed.
Okay – does it matter if I can’t run very well?
This discipline is a great leveller – runners who can’t down drinks and drink downers who can’t run will find themselves quite evenly matched.
I can’t run/drink/I’m injured/I’ve got another excuse, how can I still be involved?
It would be great to have some volunteers to man the stopwatches and cameras.
I’m feeling competitive – how will this be organised?
There are likely to be three heats – probably organised by age group or nationality depending on who signs up. Competitors will be ranked by time across the heats.
How can I train for this event?
Ok – how about the finer details?
The 1st Phuket Beer Mile will begin at 4pm on Saturday 30 September at the coveted ACG Sports Ground. Competitors are encouraged to stick around after the event to enjoy the unique buzz and camaraderie which results from sinking 4 beers and running a mile in around 10 minutes. The crucial ‘warm down’ beer number 5 will be provided by The Boundary Bar as part of the registration fee; numbers, 6, 7, 8 can be purchased at will.
What will it cost me?
The registration fee is 200THB per entry.
How do I sign up?
PM to this mail in the affirmative and indicate your age, phone number and or email for event.
When should I pay?
On the day – registration closes 15:30…
Can I bring my kids/family/fan club?
OK – is there an inspirational quote that will help me make my mind up?
A beer miler somewhere, sometime, once said “A beer mile is one of those things you need to try at least once in your lifetime.”
Any questions please ask, otherwise – see you on the start line and let the banter begin!
(Spiel n instructions courtesy of Alastair L.)

Contact & Details

Boundary Bar at The ACG, Phuket, Ban Lipon, Tambon Si Sunthon, Thalang, Thailand.

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