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“Shop to Save The Nation” Governments Tax Incentive Scheme Starts Saturday
09th November 2017 Posted by Poppy No comments
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The festive season is a welcome site to most nation’s economies and Thailand is no exception and this year the government has decided to go bigger than last year and bring back its year-end tax break for shoppers for an additional five days.

That’s right the government has announced its “Shopping to Save the Nation” (yes that’s what they have called it) scheme where shoppers can purchase up to 15,000 baht of goods and other services which can then be written off against their taxes starting from this Saturday (November 11.)The announcement was made yesterday by the Finance Ministry.

They advised consumers to start saving receipts and obtain tax invoices from registered businesses.

They made it very clear however not all items are covered in the tax break, prohibited items or services include alcohol, tobacco, fuel, hotel accommodation and hospital bills will not be covered, however airline tickets are still part of the scheme.

The tax incentive scheme will come to a close on December 3 so if your planning on shopping probably best to do it over the next few weeks.

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